Your Rolex timepiece registers 86,400 seconds every day, year after year,and its balance wheel rim travels the equivalent of 37,000 kilometers over a five-year period.

Below are our recommendations on how to preserve your Rolex and ensure lifelong precision and reliability.


Watch Maintenance

To look after your watch between services, Rolex recommends that you wash the case and bracelet from time to time using warm soapy water and a soft brush. Fingerprints can be removed by gently cleaning your watch with a soft cloth. Please remember that if you do not wear your Rolex for a few days, it will stop. You simply have to wind the movement manually for it to run normally again.


Exposure to Seawater

After exposure to seawater, your watch should be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water to remove salt and sand deposits. Always ensure that the winding crown and pushers are properly screwed down against the case to guarantee waterproofness.


Periodic Watch Servicing

Your Rolex is a complex precision instrument that requires periodic servicing by a Rolex-trained watchmaker to ensure that it will perform optimally throughout its life.