Guarantee - Rolex

Rolex SA guarantees the proper functioning of a watch for a period of five years from the date of purchase. The guarantee excludes normal wear-and-tear (notably the wear-and-tear of non-metal bracelets and straps), loss, theft, or damage due to misuse. The substitution of components with, or the addition of, components or accessories not manufactured by Rolex will invalidate the guarantee. This guarantee is valid only if:

  1. The watch has been sold by an Official Rolex Retailer
  2. The guarantee card has been completed in full by the Official Rolex Retailer or to one of the Official Rolex Service Centers.

Any work carried out by third parties will invalidate the guarantee.

Guarantee - Tudor

This watch has undergone a complete overhaul. Its proper functioning is guaranteed for one year from the date of Service. Any damage or deterioration due to accident or mishandling is excluded from this Guarantee. Any intervention by a third party non-authorized by Tudor or modification by adding or substituting components and accessories that are not manufactured by Tudor cancels the Guarantee.