Research Assistant


Downtown Beirut


The Research Assistant is expected to collect, analyze, select and categorize information pertaining to the Rolex brand and to the retail process.

The information collected will normally revolve around the singular elements related to the world of Rolex and the best ways to present the product to the customer.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Plan and build the knowledge platform according to priorities set by the training and development department.

  2. Maintain and classify information related to the watch industry in many formats, including: books; electronic resources; magazines; newspapers and other graphic material.

  3. Perform research related to the world of Rolex using credible sources (online and books).

  4. Perform research related to the retail process and the managerial aspect of the business.

  5. Analyze published data and select what is relevant to the knowledge platform.

  6. Evaluate learning methods and propose effective learning tracking and monitoring tools.

  7. Participate in the strategic and operational discussions of the learning platform.


  • Knowledge of research methodologies, data collection and maintenance.

  • Ability to identify, extract, analyze and format data from a wide variety sources.

  • Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals.

  • Call for other’s input and honestly esteem others’ ideas and expertise.

  • Set clear targets and timelines that are aligned with the general strategy.

Educational Background and Experience:

  • BA degree in Business Administration or any other related field.

  • Experience in conducting research is a must

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

  • 2 to 3 years of experience in Research.

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and all social media platforms.

  • English and French are a must.