• In the Heart of Beirut

    In the Heart of Beirut

    Since its inauguration in 2014 just a few steps away from the famous Place de I’Étoile - which hosts the emblematic Rolex clock tower - the Rolex Boutique is strategically located on Weygand Street in the downtown area, welcoming visitors into a key luxury destination in the heart of the Lebanese capital.

  •  A Whole Rolex World

    A Whole Rolex World

    The Rolex Boutique offers professional expertise in an elegant setting, one that promotes a sense of harmony, discretion and intimacy with the brand. Every element of the interior design features the elegant Rolex aesthetic and radiates the values of the Rolex crown.

    Excellence, precision and attention to detail emanate from the careful calibration of colours and patterns in the fittings and furnishings.

    Sensitive lighting accentuates the beauty of a selection of Rolex watches, which are displayed in refined showcases lined with beige leather and finished with bronze trims.



  • Husain Shaikh

    Bachir Keirouz

    Boutique Manager
  • Apsar Pasha

    Jean-Claude Abi Hanna

    Assistant Boutique Manager
  • Elia Akaoui

    Sarine Sarkissian

    Senior Client Advisor
  • Apsar Pasha

    Ramona Atallah

    Client Advisor
  • Apsar Pasha

    Yussef Khalil

    Client Advisor
  • Apsar Pasha

    Cynthia Fadel

    Client Advisor
  • Apsar Pasha

    Arthur Assoghlian

    Client Advisor
  • At A&S Chronora

    At A&S Chronora

    We are proud to have been the official Rolex retailer in Lebanon for almost two decades, a period that has witnessed numerous challenges; these have only strengthened our determination to maintain our strong presence in Lebanon, while we continue to devote ourselves to fulfilling our role in presenting the world of Rolex to our loyal community.


    Our team of Client Advisors instill passion within each of our customers by passing on their wealth of knowledge within the world of horology. They are happy to assist in selecting the ideal Rolex timepiece for our clientele, perpetuating the standards, history and essence of the Rolex brand all the while staying true to our Lebanese roots.