Experience the welcoming uniqueness at each visit, in our Downtown and Jounieh boutiques.

Rolex Downtown

Located on the historical Downtown area, our first Rolex Boutique was inaugurated in 2004

DT-Boutique 2.jpg

Overlooking the Samir Kassir Square, a serene and contemplative space at the heart of Beirut, our boutique location gets its cachet from the iconic bronze statue commemorating the influential journalist and historian. The flagship enjoys a privileged position at the main entrance of the Downtown shopping area, making it the first boutique on the historical Weygand Street.

While our boutique's spacious layout allows us to have free creative reign, its prominent corner position, with the perfect number of vitrines, reflects the values of prestige and excellence that characterize not just our flagship, but the Rolex brand itself. All of these elements came into play in order to give us the iconic boutique we proudly occupy today.

The architectural identity of the building marries contemporary design and traditional Lebanese architectural elements, creating a beautiful link between the building and the boutique. Indeed, the conceptual identity we developed for our flagship reflects the local architectural heritage found in traditional houses: The arabesque patterns of the external showcases faithfully mirror those of the emblematic Lebanese arcades, a design also replicated inside the boutique using authentic Italian stucco paint.

Our flagship hosts a beautiful showroom with a large selection of Rolex and Tudor watches. It is also home for the exclusive official Rolex workshop, and the first Rolex Salon in the world.

Address: 11 Weygand Street, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon
T: +961 1 984 999 - M: +961 70 999 304
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Rolex Jounieh

In 2014, we chose a charming 19th Century house in the Old Souk of Jounieh as a home for our second flagship


With its stunning views and picturesque bay, Jounieh promises fascinating insights into the local culture and heritage. It is today a prominent touristic hub, attracting tourists and locals alike. The well-preserved Lebanese character of our selected location matches perfectly the timelessness and rich history of the brands we proudly represent.

The conceptual identity of our Jounieh boutique echoes the Lebanese traditional character expressed in our Downtown flagship. The arched window displays blend beautifully into the scenery, perpetuating the city's heritage and the spirit that characterizes it.

The interior of the Jounieh flagship complements this aspect by also reflecting the strong codes of the brand: Our consultants suggested a remarkable reproduction of the iconic Rolex Jubilee dial to be featured in our boutique. The Jubilee Dial wall present in the prestigious VIP Area is one among many elements that embody the brand's essence.

Beyond the design details, the spacious dimensions of our boutique allows us to undoubtedly represent the Rolex identity and consolidate the brand's position as leader. With its large selection of Rolex and Tudor watches, our Jounieh boutique is the ideal location for the aficionados of the Keserwan district.

Address: Old Souk Street, Jounieh, Lebanon
T: +961 9 910 980 - M: +961 76 999 304
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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The Rolex Salon

Treating you exclusively
at the first Rolex Salon in the World

Your needs are important to us. To be at the level of service you expect from an exceptional brand such as Rolex,
our dedicated team is pleased to receive you in Rolex Downtown's private Salon.

This reserved place takes you on a journey through the World of Rolex, introducing its history, latest creations, achievements and social commitments. The Salon also unveils occasional surprising insights into many skills and crafts exercised within the company through tailor-made exclusive events.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our future world-class exhibitions and workshops designed especially for you and your loved ones. Through your visit to the Salon, we hope to pass on to you our fascination for the Maison's astonishing diversity and its sober, elegant modernity.

The Workshop

Our After-Sales Workshop
is at your disposal

to ensure that your timepiece always performs at the level of quality and reliability
you naturally expect from Rolex and Tudor. 

Our dedicated after-sales workshop, with its team of three Technicians and After-Sales manager, is part of the worldwide network of Rolex-trained watchmakers. We follow the Rolex Service Procedure, designed to ensure that every timepiece leaving a Rolex workshop complies with its original functional and aesthetic specifications.